Bringing Superior
Technology Strategy Operations Management

to the Pharmacy and Healthcare Industry

IND Consulting brings Fortune 500 resources to any sized organization, providing top of the line solutions tailored to your business.

Industry experts delivering staffing solutions, operations & technology consulting, conversions and new business onboarding.

Skilled, licensed Pharmacist on Demand Services for all 50 States.

Experienced DME to support your unique process.

Quality after-hours support imperative to your business and your customers.

We provide an added layer of quality control to ensure the highest rate of perfection, including:

  • Data Entry Solutions
  • Adjudication & Billing Support
  • Data Conversions
  • Pharmacist Order Verification

Why Choose IND?


Hundreds of companies have counted on IND Consulting to help them succeed in creating management, strategy, operations, and technology efficiencies.


Your data is precious, and IND Consulting treats it that way. Top-tier security protocols mean data is protected and confidentiality is ensured.


IND Consulting has navigated the technical and human challenges that growth and consolidation can present, so you can depend on our expertise.


US based customer service ensures superior communications and attention to your needs.


Top-tier security protocols mean data is protected and confidentiality is ensured.


Transparency works. You can count on full disclosure, extreme clarity, and accuracy of information when dealing with IND Consulting.

Reduce Costs

By focusing on data entry, data processing, billing, collections, and call center operations, IND Consulting improves your quality and reduces your labor costs while allowing you to focus on your most important business needs.


With an in-depth understanding of how data is stored in CRM and ERP, as well as other software systems, IND knows how best to access, convert, and securely transition your data.


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