Finding The Talent You Need.

Recruiting Skilled Employees For You.

Your business needs the very best employees to grow. But attracting, selecting, and hiring those candidates is a time-consuming process. IND Consulting offers you a proactive, efficient, and legally cognizant recruitment approach. Even if you choose to keep strategic key positions as part of your in-house focus, we can help you identify the recruitment activities that makes your entire process easier, more efficient– and more effective.

We find the expertise you need for your LTC Pharmacy:



 Ancillary Office Staff.

 Other Professionals.

 Full-time, Part-time or Seasonal.

IND Consulting has an experienced team of recruiters with extensive experience in sourcing and placing skilled pharmacists and technicians.

Attract, Qualify, Select, Vet and Hire Qualified Candidates

Recruiting and staffing key positions is essential to an organization. Many companies spend valuable time searching for and screening qualified candidates to fill these roles. IND specializes in recruitment of pharmacy staff, which saves you time and provides you with a better workforce

For Your Recruitment Process We Will


  • Evaluate Hiring Needs
  • Create Effective, Targeted Ads
  • Post Recruitment Ads
  • Conduct Active Search & Reach Out to Best-Fit Candidates
  • Review and Vet Resumes
  • Conduct Initial Interviews
  • Schedule Best Candidates for On-site Interview With You
  • Follow-up with Finalist Candidates for Drug Test & Reference Checks

Pharmacist On Demand Servces

Guaranteed Service Level Agreement standards & proven 98% rate of perfection.

24/7, 365 days a year, IND’s global data centers are at work for you.

ISO 9001 directly-audited processes.

Fortune 500 level resources to any size business.

Your Growth is Our Business

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