IND Consulting, LLC. Announces Opening of Newest Data Center in Bangladesh

IND Consulting LLC. announces the opening of their sixth and newest data center in Bangladesh. 2015 marked rapid growth for the company, with another data center in Madurai, India having opened earlier in the year.


IND Consulting offers high-tech solutions to allow clients to expand business growth.


Dennis Sanchez saw an opportunity in 2008: companies were ever more often seeking technology to help them fuel business expansion. With more than two decades of experience in medical records, pharmacy, and regional management, Sanchez felt confident these industries could benefit by partnering with a company that could help them analyze their core operations, and allow them to focus more resources on those operations. Today, the company he started with a few others who shared his vision has grown to one with more than six hundred full-time employees worldwide.


“We saw a need we thought we could satisfy,” said Sanchez, now CEO of IND Consulting. “IND stands for Innovative New Directions, and back in 2008 we began our own journey.”

There have been many mile markers along the way, from the first data center that opened in 2009 in Chennai, India; to the creation later that year of Pharmacist on Demand Services (or PODS— focused on supplying licensed pharmacists on short notice); to the opening of Fort Lauderdale based Client Services in 2010. “Having Client Services based here in the United States was important for our customers,” said Sanchez. “That helped us land our first major national customer shortly after we addressed that need. And then we just kept growing…”



Their second data center, in Pune, India opened in 2012, the third data center in Mexico less than a year later, and their fourth data center in the Philippines opened in 2014. Sanchez noted, “We had a team of pros that knew healthcare, management, and technology inside and out. The market responded so strongly, all our resources were focused on expanding to serve our clients with as near to perfect execution as was possible. We didn’t even have a marketing department until 2014!”

That singular focus on quality of service was one of the first things on which the new marketing department chose to focus. IND Consulting completely revamped their website in 2015, and one page has a running tally of successful new orders, refills, data conversions, and patient entries executed so far—all at a proven 98% rate of perfection.

Sanchez reflected, “Our real roadmap has always been focusing on customer needs and fulfilling those needs with excellent service. That has brought us this far, and there’s a lot more to come in 2016. Even with all our growth over the last seven years– it feels like the real journey is only beginning.”