Your Durable Medical Equipment Service Solution


Our DME Team is Dedicated to Improving your Process Performance while Reducing your DSO.

IND DME as your partner brings the best performance for you and your patients by performing routine operations and revenue process functions at an exceptional value. Let IND DME focus on your routine tasks so you can focus on your core business, Patient Care.

The IND Consulting approach is 24/7, 365 days a year coverage. You get a United States based Project Manager and Customer Support available around the clock. The IND Call Centers have bilingual call center capabilities to serve your patients better, too! Your dedicated IND DME team will perform above industry standards to relieve your organization of routine processes– so you can focus on your core business practices! DME support from IND Consulting– another way to grow and win.


  • Eligibility Verification – Initial & on-going, including monthly verification
  • Prior Authorization – Initial submission & follow ups
  • Document Processing – Indexing, triage, data entry, routing/managing fax queues, WOPD, ventilation auths, wound therapy
  • Order Confirmation & Claims Reconciliation – Document verification, eligibility, obtaining signatures prior to order verification
  • Equipment Supply Management – Customer calls, resupply, order entry
  • AR Management – Payer and private pay collections


  • Over 45% reduction in insurance-related adjustments
  • 60% improvement in payments related to pre-authorization items
  • DSO reduction of 5 days
  • Over 75% improvement in documentation processing resulting in timely delivery to patients


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