Customer Acquisitions and Onboarding

Your New Customers Quickly Integrated.

Experts in transitioning data for your new customers. The customer acquisition and onboarding process benefits from thoughtful planning and experience in transitioning data from your new customers. As your business grows, IND Consulting will be there.

IND’s Team X is staffed to allow you to scale your growth quickly and efficiently. Whether you have 50 beds or 1500 beds, no job is too big or too small.  With experienced resources dedicated to tasks associated with transition such as EMAR data loading, patient information entry and drug or ancillary order entry, Team X is there when you need us!


Our team members are experts at easing transitions with the following tasks:

  • Patient Demographic entry including allergies, diagnosis and insurance info
  • Drug Order and Medical Record Entry
  • Catch-up Orders
  • EMAR entry and Transitions
  • Document Linking Projects
  • Queue cleanup and management


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